History of the Doodlebug Golf Tournament

The Doodlebug Golf Tournament has long been known as the premier sporting and social function of Western Canada's oil and gas geophysical industry. The first tournament was held in Banff, 1953. That first Doodlebug hosted 72 participants grouped into 9 flights. The tournament quickly gained popularity, more than doubling in size by 1957, with 168 participants. The Doodlebug remains highly popular and relevant, a testament to its ability to change with the times, and deliver value to both golfers and sponsors alike.

Banff, with its famous Banff Springs Hotel and golf course, was the home of the Doodlebug from its inception until 1998. In a historic change of venue, the extremely successful 1999 tournament was held at the Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper. The tournament went back to Banff for 2000, to Kananaskis in 2005, then back to Jasper until 2009, with the Kimberley Alpine Resort hosting the event in 2010.

The Kimberley Alpine Resort offers Doodlebuggers a relaxed atmosphere conducive to socializing, the golf course is challenging and fun but more forgiving, and the further distance to Kimberley provides a real 'getting away from it all' feeling.

The purpose of the Doodlebug Golf Tournament is to provide a fun and yet competitive golf venue for CSEG members of all levels of ability. It encourages fellowship and co-operation, while building stronger business and personal relationships along the way. Not limited to just golf, each year's committee ensures that participants and their guests enjoy a full schedule of formal and informal social events.

The tournament has twice been altered due to snow. In 1962 the first day was cancelled and two nine-hole matches were played on day two. In 1985, only the first day was completed then the last two were cancelled. This is the only year no champions were declared. The three-day format was reduced to a two-day one in 1987, and the tournament has remained that way since. The Doodlebug saw two hole-in-ones in each of the 60s, 70s and 80s but not one in the 90s! With today's technology and education in the game, this drought was not expected to last – and it didn't! At the 2002 Doodlebug Ian Baker scored an ace on the 15th at Jasper, the "Bad Baby".

The Chairman's charity has been increasing every year. A tradition has developed whereby the Chairman chooses a compassionate local charity to be the recipient of the funds raised by the tournament. Committees are continually experimenting with novel ways of raising funds that are fun, yet don't detract from tournament play.

The guest tournament, catering to the spouses and guests of Doodlebuggers, has evolved into a fully-fledged tournament of its own. It has featured a best ball team play format for some time now, and is well known for the fun, prizes and socializing enjoyed by the participants.

The Doodlebug really caters to all levels of golf, from scratch golfers all the way up to the highest of handicaps. How can you not love a tournament where many a hole has been won with a score of 10 or 11 strokes?! The entire weekend is a perfect balance of golf, social events and camaraderie. It really exemplifies the wonderful people and spirit of the Canadian seismic industry.